Furunculosis - multiple eruption of boils. Abrasions may occur in a limited area of skin, usually in the neck, lower back, upper arms , or buttocks (localized or local), or disseminirovanne, in different areas of the skin (shared, or common).
In the development of local boils particular importance permanent contamination of the skin and rubbing with clothes, skin irritation chemicals, microtrauma and irrational treatment of single furuncle (see) failure to comply with toilet surrounding skin, circular bandages, apply a warm compress, etc.
General furunculosis occurs often in immunocompromised people (malnutrition, vitamin a deficiency, C and b group), who suffered severe infection or with chronic diseases and metabolic disorders (diabetes, colitis, anatsidnyh gastritis, jade, anemia); in people undergoing abrupt hypothermia or overheating, with long-term physical fatigue and functional disorders of the nervous system.
Abrasions may occur acutely and chronically. In the acute form boils occur simultaneously or within a short period of time, often accompanied by malaise, headache, increased body temperature. In chronic boils lesions occur resurgence for many months as a result of sharply reduced resistance to infection.
The prognosis depends on vigorous treatment of common diseases, increase resistance of the body, and the right local treatment of boil.
Treatment. In acute furunculosis - penicillin 50 000 UNITS every 3 hours up to a total dose of 1 500 000 - 2 000 000 UNITS or economically, bicillin in the same course dose (i.e. 5 days), other antibiotics less effective. It is also shown sulfa drugs, autohemotherapy (see). In chronic boils - identification and possible elimination of the factors that predispose to the disease. To improve overall reactivity of organism spend stimulating nonspecific (autohemotherapy and others) or specific therapy (by a physician) - enter staphylococcal toxoid, staphylococcal vaccine, stylefilter by the General rules - see Vaccinotherapy. During another outbreak of the process is shown antibiotics. At furunculosis prohibited wash in the bath, tub, shower, it is only possible to use warm disinfectant bath with potassium permanganate, healthy skin around the rash should be wiped camphor or salicylic spirit. Should observe diet - restriction of carbohydrates and exclusion of spicy dishes. It is shown that UV radiation in suberythermal doses of vitamins a And C. Local therapy are the same as for a single boils. Prevention boils - see Pyoderma.

Furunkoulez (furunculosis) - multiple eruption of boils, emerging or acute for several days (acute furunculosis), or a long time for many weeks, months and even years (chronic furunculosis). Abrasions may be limited (localized furunculosis) or disseminated (General furunculosis). Cause localized boils are usually exogenous factors permanent contamination of skin in combination with irritation her (friction), irrational treatment of single boils (insufficient toilet surrounding skin, the imposition of a circular dressings, hot compresses, and so on). The acute form of the General furunculosis often arise due to a sharp hypothermia or overheating or acute intoxication (in particular, intestinal). Chronic total boils usually occurs under the influence of endogenous factors that lower the protective functions of the organism,- the General exhaustion due to lack of food or suffered severe systemic diseases, particularly infectious diseases (dysentery, tifa, and others), lack of vitamins, especially a and C, metabolic, especially carbohydrate (diabetes), the long-term physical exhaustion, nervous strain and other
Treatment. Local treatment is the same as with a single boils (see). General therapy for localized furunculosis is the appointment of antibiotics, as well as non-specific stimulus (autohemotherapy) or specific immunotherapy (staphylococcal vaccine, toxoid, antipain). Disseminated furunculosis General therapy should be first of all directed to the treatment of diseases, caused the emergence of boils. There is also stimulating or specific immunotherapy. Antibiotics are shown in acute furunculosis, chronic only in times of heavy rash.