Galanova drugs

Galanova, medicines, complex in its composition, obtained by a mechanical or physical-chemical treatment plant or animal medicinal raw material. Most of them consists of a mixture of several substances, sometimes uncertain chemical composition. Named after the ancient Roman doctor Claudius Galen. Modern galinavin drugs include tinctures, extracts, alcohol, syrups, soap, patches, liniments and mustard.
Galanova drugs are of particular value in the range of modern treatment-and-prophylactic means, however, have major drawbacks. When receiving them, for example, from vegetable raw materials with valuable in the therapeutic relationship substances are extracted and a variety of related; some of them can contribute to the therapeutic effect or be indifferent (harmless); and others may have the effect of unwanted character.
Galanova drugs milestone during storage, and an unknown composition of active substances and the volatility of pharmacological action not allow them to standardize. Careful research has helped to address these shortcomings led to the obtaining of new preparations from vegetable raw materials, called novogalenovye drugs. This persistent hoods, refined from major part of ballast substances, with a particular biological effect. This group of drugs currently in wide use in medical practice.