Galli-Mainini reaction

Reaction Galli-Mainini method of diagnostics of early pregnancy stages. Is carried out on the lake frog-males. Reaction Galli-Mainini based on the fact that gonadotropic and hormonally hormonescontained in the urine of pregnant women, stimulate spermatogenesis frog-male.
The technique. 3-4 ml morning portion of urine, a woman assumes pregnancy, enter the frog in length from 5 to 7.5 cm in lymph bag (located on the back). VCal needles is almost parallel to the back of a frog, so as not to damage the lungs. After 2-3 hours take the contents of the cloaca frogs, looking at under the microscope.
If a positive response is observed turbidity drops through the allocation of a large number of sperm. In winter frogs kept in a warm place. Reaction Galli-Mainini faster than Elgama - Condeca reaction (see), gives a higher percentage of correct answers (95-96%), technically simpler. Reaction Galli-Mainini can perform a medical assistant. You need to recommend a woman who passes urine for the given reaction, limiting fluid intake before avoid high cultivation in urine hormones.