Halowax (as industrial poison) - a mixture of chlorinated naftaliev. Solid light yellow, brown or greenish color, temperature melting 80-130 degrees (depending on the cultivar). Halowax poorly soluble in water, well, in benzene. Used in industry as a substitute wax, for the insulation of the wires in the manufacture of capacitors. Halowax harmful effect on the body. Poisoning, usually chronic, may occur by direct contact with Globacom and inhalation of vapors or dust. Skin diseases - photocontact dermatitis may occur after a few weeks after the beginning of work with Globacom. Appear itching and burning, then the swelling and redness of the skin of the face and neck. The disappearance of these phenomena remains pigmentation. Prolonged contact with Globacom affected follicular apparatus of the skin with the formation of many blackheads on exposed parts of the body (face, neck). General toxic effect is manifested by symptoms of liver damage (violation of appetite, nausea, jaundice and other).
Treatment. At the first signs of poisoning should be stopped immediately contact of the victim with Globacom. Patients with liver urgently stationery. When photocontact dermatitis prescribe lotions, lubricate the skin paste Lassara and local radiation by quartz. Acne treatment - see Acne.
Prevention. Sealing of production processes that require the use of galovica. Reliable local exhaust ventilation. Not to make clothing out of the enterprise, its daily washing. Before working lubrication of open parts of the body protective ointments and pastes (pasta of Selitskogo, hiot-6). Periodic medical examinations are not less than 1 time in 6 months.