The electroplating shop

The electroplating shop - production premises in which the parts and products cover with a thin layer of metal by means of electrolysis. Electrolysis takes place in a special apparatus - electrolyzers or galvanic baths. In the process of electrolysis from the surface of the electrolyte are bubbles of gas (hydrogen, oxygen and others)with whom entrained in the form of mist and the electrolyte; this leads to air pollution toxic and irritants (chromic anhydride, hydrogen cyanide and other). Especially unfavorable in hygienically processes cyanide zinc-plating, cadmium plating, chrome plating. In contact with harmful substances can cause damage to the skin (eczema, dermatitis). When exposed to the compounds of chromium on the mucous membrane of the nose may pitting her, sometimes with a perforation cartilaginous part of the nasal septum. When signs of defeat mucous membrane of the nose of the workers dismissed in the shop; symptomatic treatment; it is also recommended that vitamin.
The main measures on improvement of labour conditions and disease prevention: mechanization and automation of production processes; the device of local mechanical ventilation in the form of suction Board for removal of gases; separate storage solutions cyanide salts and acids to avoid the formation of hydrogen cyanide in contact of these solutions (bath acidic solutions for clarification should be placed at least 3 - 4 m from cyanide baths); replacement of manual mechanized techniques (devices cyanide galvanizing, degreasing in trichloroethylene); wearing gloves waterproof materials (leather, vinyl chloride and other); regular hand washing, lubrication their 10% silicone cream to work, lanolin cream or boric vaseline after work. People with a heightened sensitivity to the solutions of Nickel and chromium salts are not allowed to work. Workers-kremerowska regular inhalation of oil solution. When applying for a job in the electroplating shop workers must undergo a preliminary medical examination, and thereafter not less than once in 3 months.- inspection otolaryngologist.