Galvanization is a method of physiotherapy, is the impact on the patient's body is constant, unchanging largest, electric low voltage (up to 60). Depending on what type of electrode is placed on the skin (coupled with positive or negative apparatus for electroplating, is in a decrease or increase irritability skin receptors. Galvanizing is used when neuralgia, myositis, contracture, ticks, neuritis, the plexitis , etc.
Galvanization contraindicated in malignant tumors, common skin diseases, acute dermatitis, disposition to bleedings, the expressed atherosclerosis, cardiovascular insufficiency of the III degree, fevers, and 6 case intolerance galvanic current.
the Equipment. Galvanic current receive from galvanization devices (Fig control panel): 1 - milliammeter; 2 - signal lamp; 3 - switch voltage; 4 - handle of a potentiometer; 5 - switch; 6 - the power cord; 7 - terminals; 8 - switch bypass), in which AC lighting network straightens up and stabilize. Current is supplied TC patient through a wire with clips and electrodes. The electrode is made of metal plates (usually sheet lead thickness from 0,3 to 1 mm, Luginy tin) and a damp cloth pads (12 - 16 layers of hydrophilic tissue) with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm, pre-boiled. The gasket is placed between the skin and the metal plate to protect the patient from electrical burns, which occurs when you touch a metal plate electrodes to the skin.- Hydrophilic strip should be more metal plate electrode 2-3 cm on each side and have her on one side pocket. Records should be flexible, smooth with no sharp angles to the current density was uniform. Before applying shims examine the skin, with abundant volosatoi it moisten with warm water; scratches, cracks cover wool with vaseline. To be exposed area of skin is placed moistened with hot water and wrung strip, over - plate electrodes and fixed bandages (rubber or elastic). Clip isolated from the skin of a piece of oilcloth. The current density should not exceed 0.1 mA to 1 cm2 strip. The course of treatment is 12 to 15 procedures sessions performed daily or every other day for 10 - 20 minutes
unilateral galvanization the faceSome of the techniques galvanization. Mask bergon'e - sided galvanized the face by means of electrodes three-bladed form, usually apply the mask - sided impact (picture right).
General galvanization (Vermel)the Method of Vermelha - General galvanization by means of electrodes rectangular (picture left), which is placed on the interscapular region (electrode 300 cm2) and on the field calf muscles in both legs (electrodes 150 cm2).
Galvanic collar on ShcherbakovGalvanic collar on Shcherbakov. Galvanization upper back and shoulder girdle electrode in the form of a "collar" (picture right). The other electrode (500 cm2) is placed in the lumbar region.
Galvanic belt - galvanization lumbar area (waist electrode 17x15 cm) galvanic zone (localization of electrodes).and a front-side (picture left) thighs (electrodes 200 cm2).
Hydroelectric baths. In these cases, is galvanization through the water. Hydroelectric baths can be General, are local four-chamber baths for legs.hydroelectric single-chamber baths Four-chamber baths will is worthy of faience baths for arms and legs, each with two carbon electrodes; the bath is filled with fresh water temperature 36-37 degrees. You can use two - and single-chamber baths, in the latter case the second electrode (300-400 cm2) is placed on the lower back or between the shoulder blades (picture right). electrode-bath for electroplating of the eye areaThe eye practising electrode-bath for electroplating region eye (picture left).
Safety. The procedure galvanization holds the nurses. During the procedure galvanization the medical staff and patients do not touch any grounded metal objects. Apparatus set out in the distance from the patient. Medical staff should ensure that the batteries of a Central heating, pipes of heating, gas, water or sewer systems, as well as any grounded objects in the offices were closed wooden casings.
(When not on a special wooden couch must be taken to avoid contact of a patient with metal parts beds (table). These beds should be covered with a wool blanket, three or four layers of rubberized fabrics and sheets that the edges of them hung on all sides. Stone or tile floors shall be covered with linoleum or rubber.
Do not use the devices without measuring devices or with faulty measuring devices and for removed the inside of the machine. The state of the wire should be checked before the procedure. Upon completion of the procedures and the unit is off, you must disconnect the wires from the patient. All wires should be stored in a suspended position. To fill four-chamber bath with water and remove it only when switched off the equipment. Boiling electrode pads should be made in separate units or containers.