Galvanothermy is a method of physiotherapy, also applies galvanization and diathermy. Each of the types of electrotherapy has inherent action, reinforcing each other. Galvanothermy done using galakticheskogo of acetates (SRS) with 6 terminals. Two of them attach apparatus for diathermy (wires with high-voltage insulation), the other two galvanic apparatus (wires for electroplating); the third pair of clamps wires for diathermy attach electrodes placed on the body of the patient. For electrodes of moist pads soaked in a 10% solution of sodium chloride. First switch on your device for diathermy, then apparatus for electroplating. Off is carried out in reverse order. The procedure is the average medical personnel.
Indications, dosage and safety - see Galvanization, Diathermy. Cm. also Electrotherapy, Electrophoresis (medicinal).