Ganglioblokirute funds

Ganglioblokirute funds (synonym: gangliosidoses funds ganglioplegia funds) - substances that block the transmission of impulses in vegetative gangliah. To ganglioblokirute funds are benzogeksony, decalin, dimebolin, campani, kvataron, pentamin, ataman, nanophyn, pahikarpin, pillen.
Due to the oppression ganglia vasoconstrictor sympathetic nerves ganglioblokirute funds cause expansion of blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. Violation of excitation transfer in the ganglia parasympathetic innervation reduces the secretion and poor motility of the digestive tract. These effects ganglioblokirute funds determine the indications for their use.
Ganglioblokirute funds used for the treatment of hypertension, reduce bleeding during operations, oteke lungs, as well as vasodilator for the treatment of diseases accompanied by spasms of peripheral vessels (endarteritis). Ganglioblokirute funds are used when ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers, spastic colitis. The therapeutic effect ganglioblokirute funds in these cases is explained not only by the decrease of secretion and the weakening of the eye, and reduced the intensity of the flow of nerve impulses, causing disturbance of trophism of tissues. Contraindications to the use ganglioblokirute funds hypotensionexpressed arteriosclerosis, glaucoma, reduced kidney function, organic defeat of the myocardium.
Side effects arising from the application ganglioblokirute funds involve a violation of the nervous regulation. Violation sympathetic regulation of vascular tone causing orthostatic hypotension (a sharp drop in blood pressure when changing body position). Violation of the parasympathetic regulation leads to paralysis ccomodation eye (no longer being read), dry mouth, constipation, difficulty emptying the bladder. When you fall in blood pressure in case of overdose ganglioblokirute funds use norepinephrine (1 ml of 0.1% solution subcutaneously or intramuscularly), mezaton (see), ephedrine (see).
Separate ganglioblokirute funds - see articles on the names of substances.