Ganglionic - inflammation of the ganglion of the sympathetic nervous system. Ganglionic can be combined with the defeat of the relevant roots of the spinal cord, and then develops ganpirobebuli.
The cause of ganglionic are typically infection, intoxication, metabolic disorders, neoplasms. The clinical picture when gaglianico often marked pain (burning) in the field relevant to affected the ganglion, sometimes the pain spread to the entire half of the body. Often these aches pristupoobrazna. In the affected area appears itching. Breaks the function of internal organs, are innervated by the struck sites that may be accompanied by pain. When ganglionic in relevant areas weakened or, on the contrary, increased sweating, increased or reduced skin temperature, changing its color, sometimes develops muscle atrophy.
With the defeat of the upper cervical sympathetic host all these changes are observed in the neck, head, face (often pain is taken for neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve). With the defeat of the starry host (the last is formed by merging the bottom of the neck with the upper thoracic node) can be pain in the heart area, reminiscent of pain in angina.
With the defeat of breast nodes paroxysmal pain localized in the hand and in the relevant segments of the chest, heart, intestine (type of angina, intestinal colic, stomach. When ganglionic lumbar spine is affected corresponding lower limb.
Treatment: streptomycin, biomitsin (in the usual dosage), pahikarpin (0.05-0.1 g 2 times a day, the course is 30 days), local - novocaine blockade, diathermy units, quartz irradiation (hyperuricemia dose), mud therapy; when ganglionic due to cancer radiotherapy.