Under physiological conditions gastrin is highlighted in the nervous and digestive phase of gastric secretion. It is proved that gastrin is released during stimulation wandering nerve. Taking into account the existence of hypertonic last in patients with duodenal ulcer, it was possible to assume simultaneous increase in the allocation of gastrin the antral section of the stomach in this category of patients. The lack of available methods of studying the content of gastrin in biological fluids were not allowed to estimate the value of this hormone in ulceration. Recently Jeffcoate (1969) suggested radioimmunological method of determination of gastrin, which, apparently, will give the opportunity to fill this gap.
In patients with an ulcer of the body of the stomach contents of gastrin in the antral mucosa was not different from the norm that makes problematic the direct role of the hormone in ulceration.
During the last years (McGuigan, 1968; Solcia and others, 1969) is established that the person gastrin is produced by special cells endocrine type G-cells that have all the features of cells secreting protein hormones. These cells are located in the antrum, using immunofluorescence in their cytoplasm found a special granules. According to the authors, G-cells differ from enterohromaffinnah cells of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.
Place gastrin among the factors involved in the formation, remains unclear.
Recent experiments Crean and others (1969) showed that long-term administration of synthetic analogue of gastrin - pentagastrin - rats leads to a 4-fold increase in the secretion of hydrochloric acid and significant hyperplasia obkladochnykh cells. Apparently, the hormone acts on "maternal cells, helping differentiation obkladochnykh cells. The authors suggest the possibility of such trophic influence of pentagastrin at the cellular level. None of the animals were not formed ulcers, despite the high level of gastric secretion. I. T. Curtin considers that the action of histamine, gastrin cannot be identified. Cholinergic innervation of the stomach plays a significant role in realization of the effect of gastrin in the mucous membrane of the stomach. Vagotomy and atropinization 2 times reduces the response glandular apparatus on the introduction of pentagastrin (Wormsley, Mahoney, 1967).
Development recently method of determining the gastrina using radioimmunoconjugates gave the possibility of direct determination of the content of this hormone in the blood. Trudean and McGuigan (1970) showed an increase in the concentration of fasting gastrin in the blood in patients with the syndrome Zollinger - Ellison, while in patients with peptic ulcer hormone does not differ from the norm.