Chronic gastritis is the most common disease of the digestive system, which is characterized by inflammation and degenerative changes of the mucous membrane of the stomach in violation of its functions. The causes of the disease are: improper feeding, abuse, hot, very hot and hard-to-digest food, alcohol, Smoking, alcohol and other Essential role in the emergence of chronic gastritis plays a low content in food of vegetable protein and vitamins, violation of the regulatory function of the nervous and endocrine systems. The disease may have with secretory insufficiency, with normal or elevated secretion.
The clinical picture of gastritis with secretory insufficiency (Gioachino gastritis) is characterized by reduction of appetite, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, belching, nausea. Patients also complain about the weakness, lethargy, loss of ability to work. At normal and elevated secretion (normazidol and hyperacid gastritis) along with the pain there have severe heartburn, regurgitation, vomiting. Diarrhoeal phenomenon usually come with the meal.
Treatment of gastritis is a regular diet, the consumption of fortified food, mineral water, in the use of medical physical culture.
In chronic gastritis tasks of medical physical culture are reduced to the elimination of the inflammatory process and improving blood and lymph circulation in the abdominal cavity, which contributes to the regeneration of the mucous membrane of the Stomach, normalization of secretory and motor functions of adaptation to increasing physical activity.
When Gioachino gastritis shown moderate physical activity on the entire body. In accordance with the period of treatment and motor regime applied General developmental exercises, performed at a slow pace, with reduced amplitude and low reps, special exercises for the abdominal muscles and gradually increase the load static and dynamic respiratory exercises, as well as slow walking up to 30 minutes
In the first period corresponding acute and subacute phase of the disease, therapeutic exercises conducted in the supine position and sitting either 2 hours before eating, or after 1.5-2 hours after eating. During remission Pets exercises to increase intra-abdominal pressure in the original position lying on his stomach. In combination with physiotherapy, it is recommended to massage the front abdominal wall.
When hyperacid gastritis medical physical culture are conducted before a meal, with increased workload, if the patient is enough physically prepared. Exercise is recommended for medium and large muscle groups with a large number of repetitions, the flight of motion exercises with shells.
In the II period, except restorative exercises in the studies included special exercises with emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation. Good effect in the relaxation of the muscles of the stomach gives segmental massage.
In the third period and in sanatorium-resort conditions, means of medical physical culture expanded: used Hiking, outdoor and sports, skiing, skating, swimming. Physiotherapy is carried out between the reception of mineral water and lunch, as mineral water inhibits the secretion of the stomach.