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Many people suffer from inflammation of the mucous and submucous membranes of the stomach, i.e. gastritis. The causes of inflammation are different: some persons gastritis occurs as a result of exogenous (external), in others due to endogenous (internal) reasons.
External causes are primarily substandard food, intoxication, thermal and chemical factors, especially alcohol, nicotine, povrejdatee effects on epithelial, secretory cells, connective tissue, muscle and vascular elements of the stomach. For internal reasons include the violation of the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, especially sympathetic and disharmonies, which affects the formation not only of gastritis, and gastric ulcer.
Disorders of the secretory function of the stomach glands often lead to the reduction or, conversely, to increase the number of gastric juice. Therefore allocate gastritis with normal secretion or with secretory insufficiency and gastritis with increased secretion. In the course of the disease there are compensated, subcompensated and decompensated gastritis.
In those cases, when patients complain of poor appetite, feeling of heaviness, or pain in podlojecna area, belching, i.e. on diarrhoeal disorders, aching or dull pain in the stomach, it is about subcompensated gastritis. The combination of diarrhoeal disorders with fatigue, symptoms of gall bladder, intestines, pancreas, as well as weight loss and anemia (anemia) is a sign of decompensated forms of the disease.
These changes in the gastric mucosa associated with reduced activity of secretory glands and cellular elements of the stomach wall, and also with the impacts of adaptive systems of the body. With the defeat of the stomach into the process involves not only the last, but other segments of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, pancreas, cancer of the small intestine, etc. So the main complaints from stomach join and complaints in connection with the initial changes in the liver and biliary system (the bitterness in the mouth, pain between the legs right sternocleidomastoid muscle), in the pancreas (surround pain in the lower part of the chest), etc. these patients detected the corresponding changes in the composition of juices main digestive glands affecting the processes of digestion food delivery full of energy and plastic material, etc. So the timely reception full of food, rational mode of supply and use of drinking water treatment, as well as other natural factors are of great therapeutic value. Elimination of spicy dishes, bad habits and nutrition can stop the progression of the disease, especially when the process is still in the extra stage. The normal mode of life and food, excluding alcohol and Smoking leads to reflex the consolidation of the normal activity of the secretory glands, i.e. to the emergence of the so-called pilot gastric juice in response to received food or, rather, the appropriate mental preparation for the act of power and rhythmic flow of gastric juices to break down especially protein. Application of mineral waters on a methodology ensures the elimination of the inflammatory process and the restoration of secretory and motor and evacuation function of the stomach, and also adjustment of the functions of other main digestive glands.