Gastritis in children

Gastritis occurs mostly in children of preschool and school age.
The causes of acute gastritis, and the clinical picture is usually the same as in adults. When acute gastritis is accompanied by temperature increase, it is necessary to differentiate with acute appendicitis, cholecystitis, intestinal obstruction, acute infectious diseases and food poisoning, intolerances of medicinal preparations etc. (helps diagnose correctly assembled history).
Treatment. During the first day only drink sufficient izotoniceski solution of sodium chloride, weak tea, water and engerausche solution. Pain in the abdomen heat on the stomach. If gastritis arose after taking the rough and substandard food, appoint excessive drinking warm alkaline waters (Borjomi, Essentuki № 20, sodium hydrogen carbonate solution - 1 chain. L. per 1 liter of water), which usually causes vomiting and delete retrieved food, or make washing the stomach through a tube with a solution of sodium bicarbonate and give laxative (magnesium sulfate, at the rate of 1 g per 1 year of life, dissolved in 50-100 ml of water). The next day appointed sparing diet - mucous soups, broth, jelly, jelly, tea and biscuits. Then add kefir, grated meat, vegetable puree, porridge, soft-boiled eggs and gradually go on a common table. In severe acute gastritis required hospitalization.
The cause of chronic gastritis and clinical picture similar to those in adults. The diagnosis is confirmed by a study of gastric juicesecretion, acidity, the nature of the sediment) and x-ray study of the gastrointestinal tract (motor function, elevation of the mucous membrane). The purpose of differential diagnosis should be deleted disease biliary tract and ulcers disease duodenal ulcers and stomach.
Treatment. Principles of treatment of chronic gastritis in children of school age differ little from his treatment in adults. The focus is addressing the factors contributing to the exacerbation of the disease. Prescribe bed rest for 3-5 days, light diet. From food regime exclude meats, canned food, food that contains coarse vegetable fiber. You must create a child peaceful setting, regulate the duration of sleep, to provide exposure to fresh air; should be liquidated all foci of infection in the body and associated diseases.
It is useful to assign the drinking of mineral water and Spa treatment in specialized children's sanatoria.