Gastrostomy - operation imposing artificial outdoor gastric fistula. When gastrostomy in the wall of the stomach into the soft rubber tube that out through an incision in the abdominal wall to the outside. Gastrostomy is to supply patients with obstruction of the esophagus (cancer, sharp scar retraction after burns and others) or as ancillary operations, such as retrograde (from the stomach) dilations narrowed esophagus. The diet of patients after gastrostomy is as follows. Using funnels in gastronomicheskie tube pour in the liquid and semi-liquid food. After eating funnel removed from the tube, the last fold double, tied and placed under the bandage. In the first days after the operation to avoid falling tube out of the hole it is tied tape covering the trunk belt or strips of sticky tape.
Possible complications: wrap tube gastric content, leading to irritation of the skin sour juice, it maceration. This complication often depends on inconsistencies tube diameter of the fistula. In these cases, replace the handset on wider. When clogged pipe washed with water, and poured it into the funnel or without effort pumping syringe. At loss tube washed her, check the patency, boil and, brushing any fat, then carefully in gastric fistula to a depth of 5-6 see All these manipulations can produce a medical assistant. If the receiver cannot be entered, to apply efforts should not need to call the doctor. In patients with a gastrostoma necessary care of the skin around the fistula, smearing it zinc paste.