Gaucher disease

Gaucher diseaseGaucher disease (synonym: idiopathic splenomegaly Gaucher, certinaly reticuloendotheliosis - the system of hereditary disease. There are two forms - acute and chronic. The acute form occurs in children of early age and is manifested by hemorrhages in the skin and mucous membranes, nasal bleeding, anemia, seizures.
Chronic form also begins in childhood, long runs. Is manifested by a sharp increase in the liver and spleen, often fractures of long tubular bones due to the diminishing of them the cortical layer, affecting the joints with the limitation of their mobility, spotted brown or yellow coloring of the skin of the face and hands, anaemia. In punctate bone marrow found specific Gaucher cells.
Treatment of Gaucher disease is symptomatic. In severe cases, the removal of the spleen (see Splenectomy).