Where growing medicinal herbs

Every year in spring nature celebrates the holiday of youth. Scatter birch branches Lacy leaves, will zamelyayut! white shields inflorescences on guelder rose bushes, will zabivaut bells-bells fragrant lilies of the valley. Ringing the air of freshness and light. Inflame motley grass meadows and glades.
It's time to pack in key forest of secrets, for treasure that nature has in store. In spring and summer roads every day. Opens the land of their pantries. Not to consider her wealth. One of them is a medicinal plant. Keep an eye for the game of paints greenery, flowers, of sunbeams. Where in this motley expanse to find what you need?
How not going to wander aimlessly through the woods experienced mushroom hunter, who knows the secrets of healing herbs quickly finds places where there is need of a plant. Each species of plants live in a certain place, in a constant neighborhood with the same "nature" plants. If your clothes clung black splinters-fruits ' and shake them is impossible, then passed you by a series of tripartite. Look carefully around you'd see somewhere here the thick stalks of water pepper. And series, and water pepper, and almond trifoliata - lovers raw, low-lying areas. And oregano can be found near St. John's wort or caps drug on forest edges and glades, on dry and open areas, in the hills, between bushes. And so every plant has its own place, its neighbors. It is very important to remember.
Plants of the same kind are often very similar, to distinguish between them is hard. Only Botanical. For example, of the five types donnikov all three equally, even the flowers of the same color - yellow. However, one species, they are yellow, the other Golden-yellow, and a bit larger, the third - light yellow and smaller first. There are, of course, donnikov and other distinctive signs.
Know doubles medicinal plants is very important. So, among the many types of Valerian only a few accumulate in their roots and rhizomes of medicinal substance. The rest are just twins. Sometimes medicinal substance in them are combined differently, and such plants are even harmful.
You need to be able to glance to distinguish a medicinal plant, know when and how to collect, to determine precisely the place where it can grow to comply with the rules of protection of green healers.