Ged zone

Ged zone (synonym Zakharyin - Ged zone) - certain areas of the skin that for diseases of internal organs appear reflected pain and increased sensitivity (hyperesthesia).
The occurrence of these areas is explained by the fact that the painful excitement coming from affected internal body on autonomic nerve fibers in the spinal cord and from there iradionet in appropriate innervation zone. Ged has established the exact ratio between the internal organs and root skin innervation (Fig). To detect Ged zones, you can use the following methods: by touching the skin of the patient with the head of a pin (as only concern pin region Ged zone, there is pain) or a test tube with warm water (pain and burning appears only Ged zone). Determining areas of pain and giperestesia and mapping their borders respectively Ged zone in some cases can help to establish the defeat of one or other internal organs. The definition Ged areas (especially in the area of trunk) often has diagnostic value. Increase or decrease pain and giperestesia contributes to the solution of the question about the deterioration or improvement of the disease. Cm. also Sensitivity.
zone Ged
Zone Ged at diseases of internal organs: 1-3, 16 and 17 - heart; 1 and 17 - aorta; 4, 15 and 16 of the esophagus; 2 and 3 - Mamma; 4, 5, 15, I 16 - stomach; 5-8 - the intestines; 9 - 11 - rectum; 4-b and 15 - liver and gall bladder; 7, 8 and 14 of the kidney and ureter (the respective party); 7, 8 and 14 - bladder; 6 to 8 and 12 prostate, testicular or ovarian; 6-8 and 14 - epididymis or the body of the uterus; 9 - 11 and 13 of the cervix.