Gelatin (Gelatina; synonym: animal glue, gluten) - a product of partial hydrolysis of collagen. The solution of gelatin will zastupaju when cooling or at room temperature, if their concentration exceed 2-4%. Gelatin as a nutrient medium is used for cultivation of microorganisms. In medicine gelatin is used to improve blood clotting and stop bleeding, and in hemorrhagic diathesis and radiation sickness. Appoint inwards to 1 table. L. 5-10% solution in 1-2 hours; subcutaneously on 10-50 ml of 10% solution; intravenous 0.1 - 1 ml of 10% solution of 1 kg of body weight. The solution to the fuel to a temperature of the body. The form of release: 10% a solution of gelatin in 0.5% solution of sodium chloride ampoules of 10, 25, 50 ml