Heliotropic disease

heliotrope opulentlyHeliotropic disease (synonym; heliotropic hepatitis, toxic hepatitis with ascites) - food poisoning with primary liver disease that occurs when eating bread mixed with weed - heliotrope posendofline (Heliotropium ellipticum). The cause of the disease are included in this weed alkaloids heliotron and lithocarpus. In the USSR heliotropic the disease was observed sporadically among the rural population of Central Asia.
Postmortem note dystrophic and necrotic changes in liver epithelium, the walls of the blood capillaries and the subsequent development of sclerosis, can lead to cirrhosis of the liver.
Begins heliotropic disease as food poisoning, soon increases the liver and join other symptoms of hepatitis (see), in 7-14 days to appear ascites, an enlarged spleen, bloody diates, rarely, jaundice. Comatose form proceeds especially hard, with sharply expressed liver failure, and often ends in death. Recovery is slow, prolonged loss of ability to work, sometimes a disease may develop atrophic cirrhosis.
Treatment: bed rest, diet, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins; infusion of glucose, plasma, blood; symptomatic funds.
Prevention: careful cleaning of grain from seeds of the weed; active sanitary-educational work among the population. Cm. also Food poisoning.