Gemodermii - skin lesions observed in diseases of the blood and blood-forming system. Gemodermii occur in lymph and myelogenous leukemia, retikulezah, reticuloendotheliosis, chlamydia, they are also mushroom avium, idiopathic Kaposi's sarcoma, gemodermii divided into specific and non-specific.
Specific gemodermii clinically manifested in the form of knots, units, sometimes the size of 7-10 cm in diameter, irregular, with a smooth or rough surface, skin over them normal or brownish-red. When limfoleikoze nodes are usually big, soft, usually localized on the face; when myelogenous leukemia they are rare, dense. Sites for a long time does not change, painless, subjective feelings do not cause.
Nonspecific gemodermii (lakeside) is connected with a poisoning; they have various clinical manifestations (papular, vezikuleznaya, and other hemorrhagic rash), simulating various dermatoses; accompanied by painful itching and often the enlargement of the lymph nodes. Specific skin lesions and leukemia can be at the same time.
Prognosis and treatment - see Leukaemia, Chlamydia, Retikulez. Local treatment of symptomatic.