Hematoma generic ways

Types of hematomas. A blood tumor external genital parts and vagina (Haematoma hemangioma et vaginae) is bleeding in the retina in the region of large lips, perineum or okolovrusno fiber. It is located directly under the skin of the labia and the mucous membrane of the vagina. Sometimes bleeding spread outside of the vagina, i.e. above the pelvic fascia, and the blood becomes concentrated in parametrium, often reaching back to the kidneys, from the front to the navel. Such a case was observed by us in the clinic in 1938, when a pregnant woman Century, 35 years old, suffering from toxemia, appeared bilateral hematoma - in the field of external genitals, paramedicales tissue and on the lateral surface of the pelvic fascia. Haematoma on the spread to the kidneys; it was before the surgery.
Hematoma lips stretch up to the pubis, downwards - to the tendon centre pelvic obstacles, where they meet the obstacles for the dissemination in the field gluteus muscles; inside they can extend into the vagina, occupying more or less of it. Vaginal bruising often located in the upper or middle division vagina, descending down to the exit or rising up in the region a broad ligaments. Those of hematoma, which are located above fasciae pelvinae, refer to superficially, but the underlying - to intravascular. Needless to say that the fascia is not absolutely solid border and the damage it formed mixed forms of hematomas.
Bruises education is almost always associated with pregnancy or childbirth act, in many cases, they are discovered by accident. Outside of pregnancy hematomas are fairly rare. The mechanism of the origin of hematomas is most often associated with infringement of an integrity of blood vessels due to the gap in the wall.
The frequency of this complication, according to different authors, not the same. B. N. Moshkov 44 879 genera found 21 hematoma. The average figure, according to L. Century Ulyanovsk, is one bruise on 2000 childbirth hematoma external genital parts is more common than the hematoma of the vagina. A. J. Unger-Bryantsev believes that hematoma often formed in the vagina. Undoubtedly, in education hematoma plays a major role not only the state of tissues (coefficient of elasticity), but architectonics vascular network external genital parts, the state of the vascular wall and a number of other things.
Most women who had a hematoma, belonged to the blossoming of childbearing age (N. N. Moshkov).
Nagaragawa hematomas are more frequent than in nulliparous, due to high frequency varicose extensions from them; they arise mainly at arbitrary childbirth (C. S. Kolmogorov). It is often stated re-education hematoma at the same women (L. Century, Ulyanovsk).