Diet for blood test results

The issue of portability of food can be safely described as the cornerstone for most of our compatriots. The various symptoms of the diseases connected with food, can start from the first days of life, and may persist for a very long time. Can you figure out what food the body "takes"and what is it better to save? We will focus on a new method of selection of diets by results of the analysis of blood - "Geocode".
In the basis of definition of food intolerance on Gemokod" is the evaluation of the change of a luminescence of blood cells in contact with specially prepared chemicals from food. This method is called chemiluminescence (CHL), which literally translates as "chemical glow. The phenomenon of luminescence live known to all of us very well. Each of us watched the twinkling of jellyfish and sea water, Postretirement old trees and flights fireflies in the hot summer nights.
Thanks to the achievements of biochemistry and Biophysics, most processes luminescence already deciphered. This gave impetus to the widespread use of chemiluminescence in laboratory and clinical studies. Created many devices chemiluminometer by which became possible definition in blood and other biological liquids of different antigens, antibodies, enzymes, minerals,toxic compounds, drugs and many products of vital functions of human organism cells. Scientists have noted the high value of the received information with little investment of time and money to conduct chemiluminescent analysis.
For the diagnosis of interaction of the organism with food developers "Gemocode" chose neutrophils. These immune cells are the first line of defense against penetration into the body of bacteria, fungi and protozoa. They destroy dead tissue cells, remove the old red blood cells, cleanse the wound surface, are involved in neutralization of toxins. Upon contact with the "other" neutrophils produce so-called reactive oxygen species, among which there superoxide radical - hydrogen peroxide. Further there is a "run" cascade of biochemical reactions, including lipid peroxidation with the release of free radicals. This reaction is accompanied by release of photons, chemiluminescence, which picks up the device. If necessary for strengthening glow in the diagnosis using a special chemical or physical activators. By the intensity of the reaction is judged on the reaction of blood cells on a particular food product. The research results are processed on the computer with a special program.
The next step is to draw up two lists, which will contain recommended and prohibited food products. They are issued in the form of green and red folders. As a rule, determine the sensitivity to more than 100 products. Next, a consultant physician explains the principles of combination of featured products and their interchangeability, peculiarities of cooking, eating habits. Usually the duration of such individual power is 6 weeks.
Abroad, a similar diagnostic test is called NuTron Test. According to the developers, it had more than 115 thousand people. 77% reported very good results with food taking into account the results of the test, and 90% were recommended to undergo this examination to their loved ones. In Russia, in addition to the test "Gemokod", offered similar - G-test". A popular method of doctor Volkov, A.B. based on other diagnostic principles, but to determine food intolerance is also a blood test.
It should be noted that the method of chemiluminescence investigation is of great value for clinicians. Previously we had less reliable method of determining the sensitivity of cells to various substances. This reaction was the name RILA is the reaction of immunoanalysis. More advanced immunological methods to detect specific antibodies to food allergens. But the complexity is that food intolerance is connected not only with allergies. Very important congenital or acquired deficiency of enzymes violating food digestion or its separate components. Another serious reactions to food - psevdoallergicakie reaction. They come in contact with substances that can cause release of histamine without reaction antigentile. Products that cause this reaction include, for example, strawberry. Some people get a idiosyncrasy is unpredictable hypersensitivity to the product.
In the CIS information about nutritional programs based on research of blood, is still popular character. Probably, soon we will have the opportunity to hear the scientific rationale food program taking into account the results chemiluminescence of neutrophils and first statistical results of the clinical efficiency of its application.