Hemolytic disease of the newborn

The study of this disease, search measures of struggle with it, I have spent many years of his medical and research practices.
Long ago the doctors drew attention to serious disease, when a child is born, it is manifested or pronounced edema, where a child dies soon after birth, or with severe jaundice, which leads to death in 5-6 days. And if he survives, it grows further behind in development.
For a long time cause hemolytic disease remained a mystery, and scientists are actively tried to find out the reason which contributed in the period of prenatal development is the rapid destruction of his blood. The mystery was solved when, in 1940, the American scientists Landsteiner and Wiener opened a special substance - rhesus factor in human blood. (It was first found in macaque monkeys-RH.) It turned out that the rhesus factor is present in the blood not all people, and approximately 85 out of 100 and that RH affiliation may be inherited from the father or the mother.
Now imagine that the woman that had no rhesus factor, married a man who has it, and their child inherits this factor from the father. If the permeability of vessels of placenta increased, rhesus factor can penetrate into the maternal blood. Mother of this substance alien, and against foreign substances organism, as a rule, creates protection - antibodies. In this case, appropriate protective reaction becomes destructive; developed antibodies penetrate through the placenta to the fetus and begin to destroy the red blood cells of his blood. The child develops anemia, product destruction of hemoglobin, erythrocytes - bilirubin - accumulates in the body, leading to severe disease. This is the essence of RH conflict. At first I thought that in every family, where my wife's blood is RH-negative and her husband is RH-positive, inevitably have to be born a sick child. This gave rise to some foreign scientists recommend to refrain from such marriages. But what lovers will refuse from each other only on the basis that they have not match one of the factors of blood? What the couple will be doomed to childlessness? Fortunately, further research showed that the incompatibility between the blood of the mother and fetus on a particular factor is not always lead to conflict and development hemolytic disease. It is noted that under unfavourable combination, when the blood of the mother is RH-negative, the father is RH-positive and the child inherited his father's RH factor, are born with the disease, not all children. The disease develops in about one out of 25-30. If pregnancy in women first, it is 95-98% of cases ends happily. The fact that education RH antibodies gradually. During the first "conflict" they accumulate in the mother's body and begin to exert their effect only at the end of pregnancy, and especially at the moment of birth. But for a child it is not so dangerous. However, once having appeared, antibodies long remain in the mother's body. When repeated pregnancy developing fetus immediately turns out under their "fire". With each new "conflict" concentration of RH antibodies increases, and with it grows the threat of birth of a sick child. To prevent possible complications, as soon as possible to rid the body of a child from the substances formed during the destruction of the blood. For this to him in the first day produce a blood transfusion simultaneously with the bloodletting and thus replace approximately 80-90% of the blood. For such a "replacement" blood transfusion take rhesus negative blood that RH antibodies, got from the mother to the baby, won't work. This leads to the cessation of the destruction of red blood cells, and thus eliminated the main cause of the disease. Over time transfused blood substitute own blood child, formed his blood-forming organs.
If the presence of antibodies in the mother with rhesus negative blood installed been various preventive measures. The woman placed in a maternity hospital for 3-4 weeks before giving birth. Doctors are closely monitoring her condition. To antibodies did not harm the fetus, apply a number of preventive measures aimed at reducing antibodies. These include the imposition of a special woman to drug - antiresus gamma globulin. Measures have been developed for the diagnosis of the disease in the fetus by the number of antibodies in the mother.
In our country were used for treatment of children with hemolytic disease of hemosorption - removal "slag" blood with the help of special filters (specialmente).
Work in this direction continues. And quite successfully.