Generalized seizures

More children seizures are tonic clonic. Prodromal phenomena in the form of ailments, whims, dysphoria, a headache may be a day before the attack. Usually aura in children is hard to establish. They do not differentiate their condition. Fleeting seconds of motion in the form twitching, mokanji, senses light, heat, - flashed before his eyes, and vegetative (fever, nausea, sweating) and visceral (abdominal pain, epigastric) manifestations before the attack see only the surrounding. Sometimes the aura is of the nature of mental disorders and manifest anxiety, mood swings, fear. The child's behavior before the attack may indicate the presence of an aura.
The tonic phase of the seizure begins after the sudden fall of the child with a cry, a groan and lasts up to 1 minutes He pales, then blue, face distorted, jaw tightly compressed, the extensor muscles of the back, extremities sharply reduced. Eyeballs usual, and his head turned upwards or sideways. Eyes wide, not react to light. Breathing is absent. Gradually, the attack goes clonic phase. Marked a shaky breath, hyperemia person. At this moment possible bite language because of the cramps masticatory muscles of the mouth is allocated foam, stained with blood. Occurs involuntary defecation or urination due to the tension of the abdominal muscles and relax the sphincter. In several minutes clonic twitching hands and feet become weaker and stop. Comes relaxation of the muscles, and the seizure ends. Baby sleeps very deep sleep a few hours, and the younger the child, the longer and deeper sleep. In children of early age can be observed poslepechatnye paraplegia, hemiplegia and paresis. Weakness, disorientation continue for several hours.
In children of early age of a seizure may be incomplete: only tonic as opistotonus for several minutes or manifested flexor spasms with cyanosis, respiratory arrhythmia with fever, loss of consciousness.
In older children seizures are only clonic. However, it can be observed and myoclonic, geticonvalue taken for alopecia, while they point to the defeat of the deep structures. Myoclonic seizures occur in severe having a progressive brain damage. Geticonvalue attacks can occur on one then the other half of the body.
Status epilepticus is a condition worsens, manifested by a series of attacks in a short time without recovering consciousness. In the absence of timely assistance after accession metabolic disorders, weakening of cardiovascular activity and breathing disorders comes death. Prolonged state epileptic status and hyperthermia, which is always accompanied by convulsions,is a poor prognostic indicator.