Gentian violet

Gentian violet (Gentianvioletum; synonym methyl violet) is antihelminthic and antiseptic agent belonging to the group of aniline dyes. When enterobiasis gentian violet appoint 0,08-0,1 g 3 times a day (children 0,005 g per year of life 2 times a day) capsules or pills for 1 hour before meals. Treatment for three cycles for 5 days with breaks between them within 7 days; if strongiloidoze - in the same doses of 15 consecutive days. Side effects: headache, nausea, abdominal pain. The use of inside contraindicated in diseases of the liver and kidneys. Externally gentian violet applied with pyoderma, the sycosis in the form of 0,5-1-2% solutions and ointments. Cm. also a sedative.