Day geriatric hospital

One of the forms of geriatric care, widespread in England, is the day geriatric hospital or as it is called, day center.
These centres function as inpatient and outpatient clinics. In the USSR institutions of this type no.
The main task of the day-hospital - help the elderly and old people discharged from the hospital, but in need of aftercare and rehabilitation therapy.
Day geriatric hospital is organized on the basis of General or special geriatric hospital or hospital for long-term treatment and provides a full range of medical services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and so on, in Addition to medical assistance and consultations on social issues, provided by the nutrition of patients and other services. Day hospital designed for an average of 30-50 beds. For each patient, the doctors make an individual program of treatment. Depending on the needs of the patient goes to the hospital every day or on certain days.
Foreign scientists-gerontologist (Anderson, Brocklehurst, Shanas) appreciate this form of care for older patients. Many gerontologists believe that patients are referred to the day of geriatric hospital is cost-effective because the cost of maintaining patients on 53% lower than in conventional hospitals.