Outpatient geriatric institution

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To health-improving complexes of a new type, while small, is the so-called area of health, opened in Baku for more than 10 years ago. The purpose of the organization of such zones - rehabilitation of the older population, restore health and extend the active period of life. The main curative factors in the areas of health: the right diet, climatotherapy, motoring, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and other therapies. Mass rest near cities or even in our towns gives good health benefits, especially for the elderly, for which travel long distances associated with long-term acclimatization. Treatment in the areas of health carried out after full clinical examination. Worked out for each patient an individual course of treatment. All procedures dosed out strictly in accordance with the age and health status and are under the control of the doctor-geriatrics.
In the areas of health for the treatment of patients do not use drugs. Therapeutic effect is achieved by using different combinations of hydrotherapy, heliotherapy, physiotherapy, natural factors, motor mode and physical therapy. The Central area of health in Baku is methodical and scientific center in directing the work areas of health, organized in other districts of the city. On its basis created scientific-methodical center, where work is underway to study the influence on the human organism sports and other methods of treatment.
In Pyatigorsk area of health was created on a voluntary basis at the municipal Park of culture and rest. Her work led by pensioners. Medical examination is carried out in the district hospital and health surveillance and the course of treatment by doctors and nurses nearby clinic. The physical training and organization of motor mode directs Methodist. Diet food is provided to the dining room, located next. For recreation use the Park pavilions, equipped with sun loungers. In the mode of the day is to provide work in the Park for the care of flowers, reading, knitting, sewing and other
Health is the health zones is determined by the improvement of the General condition of the patients, with increased efficiency and reduced uptake in medical institutions. The area of health can be considered as the best form of not only health, but also the organization of leisure elderly and old people. Sports and health activities on the background of a strict regulatory regime and occupational therapy fill the leisure time of the pensioner.