Outpatient geriatric institution

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To outpatient geriatric institutions include geriatric offices and clinics. Most often they are based on different medical institutions.
In different cities of the Soviet Union there are separate geriatric rooms, which are organizational and methodological centers on the organization of medical care of the elderly and senile age. In accordance with the task of their activities take place in two directions:
1) organizational-methodical work: activities on improvement of professional skill of doctors in the field of gerontology and geriatrics, introduction of modern achievements of this science into practice of work of doctors, health education,
2) health care work: the provision of professional advice experts on issues geriatrics, organization of geriatric care and follow-up of some patients (persons with symptoms of premature aging, retirement, long-livers and others).
In its work, the geriatric doctors ' offices are connected by district doctors and doctors of the health units, hospitals, social welfare agencies. When organizing monitoring of elderly in geriatric rooms, great attention is paid to the rational use of therapeutic and prophylactic purpose of physical exercise. Established close contact with groups of health and medical exercises dispensaries.
In several cities geriatric offices and hospitals are organized on a voluntary basis. Active participation in them are doctors.
Special geriatric clinic organized in Tashkent. Doctors under the guidance of the chief of geriatrics is carried out organizational-methodical, medical and Advisory work in the Uzbek SSR, shall manage the activity of geriatric rooms, which are available in a number of cities of the Republic.
Geriatric patient Department at the Institute of gerontology of AMS of the USSR shall selection of patients for clinical research, provides General advice to persons of elderly and senile age, directed from treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of different cities. In addition, the outpatient Department are long observation of persons of a certain age and profession to identify features of ageing of an organism at different ages with the influence of external factors, testing and study of the effectiveness of various means and methods of treatment that are recommended for use in geriatric practice. Under medical supervision in outpatient Department are patients who were treated in hospital and received certain types of geriatric care. Polyclinic Department liaises with geriatric rooms, medical institutions and social security departments. On its basis are the all-Union seminars geriatric doctors offices and residential homes for the elderly. One of the main working outpatient departments is wide health education.
Private geriatric clinics, hospitals, offices exist in a number of countries. In Romania, where doctors have experience in outpatient care for older people, in many industries, organized experimental gerontology centers, which carry out medical examinations of working with 45 years of age and special treatment of persons with symptoms of premature aging. Experimental geriatric offices organized in Romania as well as a number of local clinics. In them is a special geriatric therapy means.