Atomizer - apparatus for spraying liquid disinfectant to decontaminate the surface (Fig). According to the principle of the atomizer is a suction and injection pump. Most wide application find scarcity, hose and spike atomizer.
When bad work of gidroperita check the leather of the piston rings and in case of wear replace them, if uneven stream and reject it aside,to clean the tip; if the fluid strike through the seal - tighten the nut seal.
After atomizer wash, blow air and wipe it with a cloth. Periodically atomizer smeared with petroleum jelly, store in a dry place. Cm. also Disinfection apparatus.atomizer universal and scarcity
Hydropulse. A - universal: 1 - stirrup; 2 - hour; 3 - the valve; 4 - rod; 5 - chamber; 6 - arm; 7 - hose; 8 - tip; 9 - coupling; 10 - filter; 11 - grid. B - scarcity: 1 - sprayer; 2 - pump.