Sexual hygiene at pre-school period

The issue of sex education in the preschool period covers a wide range of issues, but the main of them are the genital hygiene, prevention of diseases, prevention of unhealthy sexual habits, as well as the education of the child on the principles of high morals and creative initiative that from the early childhood to teach him how to control their desires to prevent premature awakening sexual feelings.
In the process of sex education dominant role belongs to the parents, the family as the primary unit of society, where the child spends most of the time, where most fully revealed versatile features of his personality, where it makes its first steps and uttered the first words. How they would be gentle or rough, noble or good depends on you, parents and adult members of the family!
Well-known was the truth that the main traits and habits man acquires in the first five years of life. In subsequent years, the educational process is often limited not by education, and rehabilitation.
Topical issues of education, including sexual, largely determined by the anatomic-physiological and psychological characteristics of the child's body in different age periods.