Personal hygiene of the patient

Personal hygiene of the patient is always under the supervision of medical personnel. Patients need daily to do morning and evening toilet, brush your teeth 2 times a day, cleaning while toothbrush back of the tongue, rinse your mouth after each meal; in the absence of contraindications to take a bath at least once a week. Bedridden patients nurse with nurses daily washes; seriously ill daily wipe your face and hands the cotton wool moistened with boiled or toilet water; forever washed 2% a warm solution of boric acid with a pipette and a cotton ball. Seriously ill should be wiped tongue, gums and teeth with a piece of cotton wool moistened with a 2% solution of boric acid, a weak solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilina, then gauze cloth moistened with a 1% solution of borax with addition of 10% solution of glycerine. The gauze and cotton wool holding forceps. Wet towel wipe the neck, chest, armpits, then wipe dry. Comb your hair daily, women braid in a braid. Seriously ill and infectious patients are advised to cut. After urination and defecation are ill and need to undermine.
Change of linen for seriously ill should be done skillfully and with great care. Patient gently push back on the edge of the bed, the uncovered part sheets roll, like a bandage, until the patient's body; in this part of the bed spread fresh sheet, on which shift the patient. The sheet can be rolling in the direction from the feet to the head (if patients-Smoking movement even in bed). First roll foot end of the bed-sheets to the waist, placing fresh sheet, then from under the upper body clean sheet and replace it with fresh. When the patient lies on a clean sheet, carefully spread the folds, the edges of the sheets are attached safety pins to the mattress. At change of bed linen should shake out a blanket. Changing a shirt seriously ill, sister brings her hand under his back, lifts his shirt to the back of the head, relieves sleeve with one hand and then the other (if one hand is damaged, first released healthy). Wearing a shirt, starting with sick hands, then through the head, pull back to the sacrum and carefully straighten fold. If the patient could not move, put on a shirt-a shirt.
Patients who prescribed bed rest, serves the ship; it must be cleanly washed with warm water and disinfected; in him pour a little water to reduce the smell. The ship down under the buttocks, palming off free hand under the sacrum and the lifting of the patient. Having freed the vessel from Cala, it is thoroughly washed with hot water and disinfected with 3% a solution of Lysol or chloramine. Urine serves well washed, warm. After each urinating poured urine, urine washed with a solution of potassium permanganate, or soda.
Rubber circle to prevent bedsores placed under the rump of the patients on prolonged bed rest.
Circle lay under a sheet or wrap a towel to prevent irritation of the skin from contact with rubber.
Baths can be hygienic and medical, as well as General or local (see Tubs). Weakened patients better to plunge into the tub slowly on the sheet, holding it with two ends. During your stay in the bath the patient is under the supervision of nurses. Wet wraps made of two sheets soaked in hot (up to 50 degrees) water, they wrap the patient, then the oilcloth and two blankets.