Hygienic bases

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All of the above requires attention to the organization of illumination of workplaces for persons of different ages. Increasing the intensity of the light on the object of discernment, you should avoid significant change in lighting in workplaces and blindness. Lighting only workplace in a dimly lit room evokes a sense of isolation from others. To avoid this, in the system of combined lighting General lighting should be not less than 25-30%. As age-related changes of organ of vision have individual features, you should consider the possibility of controlling light with the help of local lamps. A common requirement is to provide old-age pension, work is not higher than the third grade of accuracy. However, studies have shown Century N. Veselova (1973), such conditions should be created and more young persons (40-59 years), systematically engaged in work that requires a voltage of view.
Increased requirements to the conditions of the labor old age pensioners should be taken into account in all enterprises where they work, not only at the enterprises specially designed for their employment. This is because the majority of persons with disabilities and old age pensioners working at the enterprises, in establishments and the organizations of General type due to the insufficient number of specialized shops and businesses, non-uniformity of their placement in different areas of the country and cities, limited range of jobs and professions, as a rule, does not require high! qualification and professional knowledge. In addition, the transition to work in special shops without medical indications hardly compatible with the basic directions of the employment recommendations for ageing workers: try as long as possible to work in a familiar team provided for the gradual simplification of work and adapt to work with the new technology on the basis of professional experience.
You should pay attention to the fact that, in principle, common sanitary norms regulating the factors of production environment, directed to health protection and prevention of premature aging of all workers. Relatively more restrictive attitude to the presence of harmful factors in work of older people is absolutely necessary for violations of regulatory requirements for working conditions. However, this fundamental observation is true only for those common norms and rules, which were set taking into account the age of reaction organism to factors of the working environment. Currently being developed special rules of the conditions and modes of work for early aging of contingent workers. Thus, there is a large and multifaceted work on creation of such health regulations that will really guarantee the prevention of premature aging and optimal working conditions of the elderly population.