Hygienic bases

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Creation of favorable working conditions for workers of the USSR is one of the most important and urgent social problems of our time. In this regard, the work of specialists in occupational health assessment and optimization of working conditions has become particularly acute, in particular, in the aspect of scientific substantiation of the features and depth of impact on the body operating factors of chemical and physical nature.
The data of experimental biological research and advanced studies of the effects of individual factors on the health and working capacity of the body working are the basis for developing standards of their potential presence in the working environment in the form of maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) and levels (RC). The starting position of the national hygienists is an absolute harmlessness factor in prolonged contact with him in the process. This condition is ensured doses below the maximum permissible concentration and remote. Currently installed MAC and remote control of almost all known physical and meeting on the production of chemical factors.
However, in practical life, on the one hand, not all experimentally established MPC and the remote control justify themselves as completely safe, with another - in a production environment no factor occurs in isolated form. Typically, workers are exposed complex characteristic of the production or trade of a complex of factors. In this complex, often one factor that strengthens or weakens the effect of another. For example, there reinforce the pathological effects of manganese under the action of the working vibration and the vibration increases cooling. Known for the role of high air temperature in the lower vasoconstrictor effect of noise and strengthening of intoxication industrial poisons, and potentiation or summation of the chemical substances in combination with other chemicals. However, the basis of sanitary legislation is standardizing the MPC and the remote control of the individual factors of production environment. On this basis, attempts are made of complex assessment of the labour conditions.
Currently proposed several programs and methods to assess the total impact of environmental factors on the performance and health of workers. The result of this assessment is the classification of professions to this or that category of harm, the severity, intensity and risk of labour, as well as the development of the system health measures. This is a very progressive direction in health, undoubtedly, will promote the protection of the health of workers and the extension of the higher performance. However, despite the fact that the age of the workers is one of the important socio-occupational factors, and studies of gerontology clearly shows the low adaptive capacity of older people, this aspect in the assessment of working conditions practically do not truly reflected. All kinds of hygienic standardization calculated on a hypothetical average worker, and therefore pose a potential mistakes and bad decisions in the formation on the basis of Macs and remote working conditions in existing, newly constructed and renovated facilities.
About the necessity of age-appropriate response of the organism to environmental factors according to the data of experimental physiological-hygienic and social-hygienic research.
Extensive domestic and foreign literature on the nature and levels of age-related changes in the structure and function of cells, organs and systems of organism, about the growing restriction of molecular-genetic mechanisms of uneven change of regulation at different levels of the life of the body, the lower the potential of various links of metabolism and functions of organs. Developing adaptive mechanisms to maintain the constancy of the internal environment of the body (homeostasis), constraining the rate of age-related changes in the body, do not stop the process of gradual natural fading, reduction of adaptation abilities of adaptation to the effects of the environment. The age changed the character of the reactions to stimuli of various power and nature. Faster come ill health and reduced efficiency.