The complex morning gymnastics for women

№ PP The content of the exercises Dosage Methodical instructions
1 Walking on the spot with high lifting knees Run to the light fatigue The head and torso to keep straight, to perform energetic movements of hands
2 I. p. hand up, fingers entwined. Moving the left leg back, cowering back" in I. ii. The same, setting right leg 8-10 times Caving in - breath, returning to I. p. - exhale
3 I. p. - feet apart, hands down. Moving hands back, raise them up, and, bending down to touch your fingers (better hand) sex (exhale), to straighten up, to give up (breath) 16-20 times Your knees don't bend
4 I. p. - legs shoulder-width apart. Hands on his belt. Right hand to put on the back of the head. When tilted to the left left hand to slide along the thigh down, when tilted to the right right hand slides over the foot - left on the back of the head 6-10 times in each direction While bending to do exhale. At straightening - breath.
5 I. p. - main hour (you can keep your hands on your waist). The turns of the neck. To carry out 3 times clockwise and 3 times counterclockwise 5-8 times in each direction Breathe arbitrarily
6 I. p. - main hour. Circular rotation by hand. To carry out 3 times clockwise and 3 times counterclockwise 5-8 times Breathe arbitrarily deep
7 I. p. - main hour, socks closed, hands ahead. Squating, do exhale, getting up - breath 10-15 times Knees to keep together, the number of sit-UPS to increase gradually
8 I. p. - feet together, lowered his hands to cross in front. Lift your left leg and pull your arms (inspiration), lower leg, cross arm (exhale). Then lift your right leg and pull your arms, lower 10-15 times Breathe evenly, legs to try to raise as above
9 I. p. - stand with your back against the wall. Alternately lift your right and the left knee, pulling him to her breast Each leg 10-15 times Hands free to drop along the body, the stomach muscles to pull
10 I. p. - legs wider apart, hands on his belt. Perform a circular rotation of the torso clockwise and counter. Torso forward to the right turning it towards lean back to the left and to straighten up, then lean forward and left, turning to the side, leaning back right, straighten up 10-20 times The body to tilt to the horizontal position, to do exercise at an average pace without stopping
11 I. p. - lie back on the Mat. Alternately tighten to the chest right and left knee bent leg with a girth of his hands and lifting body 10-15 times The abdominal muscles involved in breathing arbitrary
12 I. p. - down, feet together, arms along the body. To sit down and, leaning forward, touch the feet (exhale). Lie down, straighten the legs (breath) 10-15 times The abdominal muscles involved in breathing arbitrary
13 I. p. - lie on your back, arms, to take away his head on the back of his head. To lift his feet and simulate Cycling Run to fatigue Upraised legs to keep at a height of 20-30 cm above the floor, breathing arbitrarily
14 I. p. - lie on your stomach, arms to hold in front of him. Raising and lowering the body by changing the position of the hands. Raise the body and simultaneously to take your hands behind your head. Straighten your arms, spread them apart, and then to take back and connect brush 10 times When lifting the body can be slightly push hands
15 I. p. - take right hand on the back of the chair, left to raise up and left leg to take back. To perform the flight left foot back and forth with the simultaneous lifting and lowering of the left hand. The same be done with the right hand and foot 10 times for each leg Breathing evenly, the rate of average
16 I. p. - legs shoulder-width apart, arms bent at the elbows, hands in front of chest, palms down. Extension hand in hand. Straightening his left hand, to take her back (the breath), and bend the front of the chest (exhale). Do the same with the other hand 10 times in each direction To run at a slow pace, eyes to follow the tips of fingers
17 Running in place 1-2 minutes Breathing uniform
After a two-week training in some of the exercises you should make new
7 I. p. - main hour, feet together. Squating, at the same time to touch the hand of the floor near his feet 30-50 times Squating, taking a deep breath, straightening up - breath
8 I. p. - main hour, hands on his belt. Lift your left leg forward and make cotton hands below the knee, then the same to be done right leg 10 times for each leg Leg when lifted to keep straight
10 Circular rotation of the torso connect hands on the back of the head Without changes Without changes
12 I. p. - lie on your back, hands on his head, legs apart. To sit down and, leaning forward, touch the fingers of the left leg (exhale), to return to I. p. (inhalation). Then touch the fingers of the right leg To touch 10 times for each leg Run average, five from the floor not to interrupt, legs to keep as much as possible
12a This new exercise. I. p. - sitting, feet together, hands to rely on the floor near the hips. He rolled onto his back, try feet to touch the floor behind your head, hands set against the lower back. To bend the legs, bringing his knees up to his face. Straighten his legs, lifting them up and take a stand position on the blades. Bending your legs and taking his hands from his body, roll forward in I. p. 3-5 times To run slowly, in I. p. - breath during exercise - exhale. You can skip bend the legs at the knees
14 I. p. lying on his stomach, put your head on bent at the elbows. Bending at the waist, lifted above the floor legs, arms stretched hand. To return to I. p. 10 times Caving, not to bend the legs and arms. To run at a slow pace. In I. p. - breath, at the time downwarping - exhale. Exercise can be carried out, combining the brush on the back of the head
16 I. p. - stand back to the table and hands to rely on its edge. To perform before a circular motion right and left foot alternately 10-12 times The pace is slower, stand up straight, his leg to keep straight
17 Running in place 5-10 minutes High lift your knees bent legs