Gymnastics heart

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Another group of heart defects is often a consequence transferred rheumatism.
Rheumatism is one of the first enemies for the heart of a child, it is, as they say, beach youth. In childhood the heart muscle has a more delicate structure, and therefore arthritis often affects children of school age.
Currently, it is proved that rheumatism its origin is obliged infection, it can appear as a result of hypothermia body is cold. Development of rheumatism also contributes to the wrong mode of the child, overwork, lack of exercise.
Acute rheumatic fever usually lasts about 1.5 - 2 months. When the attack subsides, comes the second, subacute, period, which can last 3-4 months. At this time, and usually develop various defects in the form of heart disease. For rheumatism is characterized by the occurrence of exacerbations and the emergence of new acute attacks that strengthen the heart damage and worsens the condition of the patient.
Every attack of rheumatism leaves a trace in the heart.
From skilled care, timely consultation with a pediatrician depends the future health of the child.
This disease can cause changes and by other organs and systems, mainly the joints, nervous system, etc.
When the second form of rheumatism can marvel at all the joints, but most often defeat captures the elbow, wrist, knee and ankle, and the pain quickly goes from one joint to another. These phenomena are usually kept for long without going into a chronic condition as adults.
In such cases, the child should be placed, and make aching joints warm, dry bandages. Two weeks after getting the children need to start to be engaged in gymnastics, in which it is necessary to include exercises for all of the joints.
The peculiarity of the third form of rheumatism in children is nervous system, which manages the coordination of movements and ensures the normal muscle tone. This disease is known as horei. Such patients may have inadvertently occur random motion of certain muscles, weakness of the muscles, the change of gait and speech disturbance. In this period are recommended warm baths, full physical and mental peace. Physical load on the physiotherapy sessions should be limited, exercises are selected mainly on the coordination of movements.
The main thing in the prevention and treatment of rheumatic fever in children - the strengthening of the whole body, increasing its resilience. Primary prevention - mode, sufficient and nutritious food, a wide use of the fresh air, reasonably held hardening, physical exercises and sports.
In hospital with children involved Methodist medical gymnastics; after discharge from the hospital responsible for the continuation of training of the house falls on the parents.
When got defects distinguish acute, subacute and mejpristupny. We give our recommendations for interictal period, as this period, the children usually spend at home. Considering that the forms of rheumatism different, you must select exercises separately for cardiac forms of rheumatism, joint and nerve (horei).
For children with congenital heart defects would be more appropriate same exercises, what we recommend that children with acquired defects, with predominant affection of the heart.
During the first three months after acute attacks of rheumatic fever or transferred operation on heart desirable gymnastics sit on the chair.
Here the most effective exercises for children suffering from rheumatism with heart disease and congenital heart defects.