Gymnastics heart

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During the fourth - sixth months after heart surgery in congenital defect or after the attack of rheumatism with acquired defect can hold classes in the original sitting and standing, but with obligatory observance of a number of methodological rules: an exercise consists of 8-12 movements, 3 or 4 of them for hands, 3-4 foot and 2-3 for the body. After the most difficult exercises mandatory rest for 30 - 40 sec., preferably sitting on a chair. You can include exercises with gymnastic stick, Hoop, ball and other Obligatory observance of the principle of "dispersion" of the load, i.e. alternating movements of the arms, legs and torso. The pace of the exercise of slow and middle; movements are repeated from 4-6 till 8-10 time.
It is better to train in the morning, before Breakfast, or not earlier than one hour after him. During the exercise it is necessary to monitor breathing in children, so that they did not detain him. Do not allow the execution of movements with tension, straining effort.
In case of occurrence of the child slight shortness of breath, cyanosis (cyanosis) of the lips and nostrils, and also complaints about fatigue and dizziness need to stop the occupation and to bring the matter to the attention of observing the child's doctor. Only with his permission can continue studies, necessarily agreeing with him the degree of load.
The following three sample exercises with increasing difficulty bore in the original sitting and standing.