Gymnastics heart

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Once at the reception in walked a young mother with a boy.
It was something very outraged...
"Tell me, doctor, am I right? Here, in the direction rheumatologist written that my child, Vova Morozkin, 10 years old, suffers from a congenital heart defect, he is sent for consultation to the Institute of cardiovascular surgery, where will be possible to decide whether to do an operation on the heart. And suddenly my doctor said that I should definitely go to the doctor of physical therapy and advice on how to do Vova gymnastics. Is it not a bad joke? I am, after all these years guarded Vova from everything, and suddenly... No, there must have been some mistake.
It took me a very long time to calm agitated mother and tell her that if indeed her son will have surgery on the heart, then it will take much easier, if prepared, and the remaining time will start properly selected physical exercises. After surgically Vice his heart is fixed, its vessels are unable to perceive the mass of blood, which will go to the tissues of the human organism, as many of them are in spasams condition, due to the fact that the blood flow is defective. And now the main task is to help the boy's organism to cope with the forthcoming operation, and in a short time after her to adapt to the new conditions of circulation. This is not an easy task. Due to impaired blood supply Vova looks very fragile and pale and weak. He is 10 years old, I will not give more than six. Incorrectly raised. You should not be protected from any physical exercises, and from early childhood to teach him, but, of course, very cautiously and carefully.
Unfortunately, heart disease is one of the most common diseases found in children of all ages. In young children is often congenital malformations, older - acquired, or as they are called, rheumatic.
Earlier was considered, that to help children with congenital heart defects cannot. The applied treatment brought only temporary relief of suffering. Basically, it was recommended to observe hygiene, clean air to breathe, to take baths, and not to protivyatsya.
In children suffering from congenital heart defects, as a rule, physical development detained and physiological age, they are far behind the calendar. Such children are usually thin and small, pale. In games sick child gets tired before their peers. He complained of shortness of breath, headaches, pains in the heart area. His poor health caused by insufficient blood supply to the tissues, causing oxygen starvation due to impaired blood circulation.
Of course, parents whose children suffer from this or another form of congenital heart disease, trying to protect sick children. As a rule, they completely isolate them from any physical activity, physical exercises. But is it right? Never does such a "peace" detrimental to the health of children, and so very difficult growing and developing? Of course, reflect, and very negatively.
Such children should not be allowed to regular physical exercise, but special exercises in the form of physiotherapy at home and classes in special group in the school they are absolutely necessary.
Careful, intelligent training with a very small degree of load will facilitate the adaptation of the cardiovascular system working in adverse conditions, to surrounding conditions.
Now in medicine opened a new page - heart surgery. Due to the delicate and complex operations, restoring a congenital defect, it is possible to save the lives and health of many children. However, only a successful operation is not everything. We must help the child cope with postoperative period and to ensure the work of the cardiovascular system in the new, reconstructed conditions. This greatly help systematically conducted properly dosed physical exercises.