Giatreia - violation of patency of the sex channel women due to its Sardinia in a particular Department. The most frequently observed atresia the entrance to the vagina (no hole in the hymen), external and often internal orifice of the uterus, fallopian-tube holes.
Giatreia may be congenital or acquired. Congenital often combined with other defects of the reproductive organs. Acquired giatreia occurs when normal formed sexual apparatus in most cases, in the childhood of total infections (scarlet fever, diphtheria, measles), and in adulthood is often the result of severe inflammatory process in the sex organs.
In my childhood development Kintrishi unnoticed obnarujivaesh to the period of the onset of menstruation or later. If Kintrishi hymen or vagina at the time of puberty appear dragging pain in the lower abdomen on certain days of the month in the absence of external bleeding, nausea, disorders of the bowel function, and headaches. When atresia hymen menstrual blood accumulates in the vagina - hematocolpos; when zaradenie uterine throat may accumulate in the uterine cavity - hematometra. Giatreia fallopian-tube holes leads to accumulation of blood in the pipe - hematocolpos. In the absence of timely medical assistance to the accumulated blood can spontaneously flow out into the bladder, rectum, abdominal cavity. Before the break - sharp paroxysmal pain.
Treatment. Early diagnosis and timely referral to the gynecologist for surgical intervention - dissection Sarsenova holes.