Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is observed during intense muscular effort, at high ambient temperatures. Hyperhidrosis can be and with a strong nervous emotions, fear, feelings.
There are General and local hyperhidrosis. Pathological General sweating is seen in people suffering from infectious diseases, nervous diseases, and cancer. Local hyperhidrosis is in the area of the palms, soles, groin crease under the breast glands in the armpits, in the anal area, Sometimes sweating is marked at the upper lip, nose, chin. Excessive sweating of the hands and feet-unpleasant state. Hands and feet in these cases, wet, cold, skin materials, covered with cracks, corneal layer exfoliate. Particularly nasty stop sweating. It happens that the hyperhidrosis of the feet is accompanied fetid odor, sometimes can meet and non-sweat (blue, yellow, red). Painted (chromites) pot result of the intoxication of any toxins, infections, it is also noted in patients suffering from fits of hysteria and severe systemic disease. Along the way, we can note that, excessive sweating, except nervous, endocrine and inherited reasons, can be purchased at constant wearing tight shoes, shoes with rubber soles, nylon, elastic socks and stockings.
Treatment. In General sweating useful restriction of fluid intake, you should consult a neurologist. Local hyperhidrosis of the palms, soles treated by wiping 20%-s ' solution of formalin, 1 - 2%-s ' solution of resorcinol. After a warm baths with a mixture of potassium permanganate or baths oak bark (in 1 liter of water to 100 g of oak bark) skin (especially interdigital folds) liberally sprinkled powder mixed with boric acid and brown. A good result is the following paste: urotropine 10 g, zinc oxide and talc in half 25 g, glycerol 10 g of distilled water and 100 g of Pasta cover soles, interdigital folds, the armpits, palms, leave for days. Then wash off the paste 2%rezortsinom alcohol and again it impose. All treatment is 2-3 weeks. When sweating skin can lubricate lotions "Finish" (hands), "Hygiene" (foot). Inguinal folds you can wipe free vinegar (1 Part vinegar to 4 parts water).
Prevention. People suffering from hyperhidrosis of the feet, should refrain from wearing shoes with rubber soles, cramped, poorly fitted shoes, daily change of socks and stockings, often to foot bath with oak bark. In addition, if sweating is necessary to pay attention to raising the General tone of an organism (gymnastics, hydrotherapy and other).