Three riddles of hypnosis

To the phenomena of mental life of man, recently explained by science, and at the same time so unusual that misunderstanding can easily generate faith in miracles, should primarily be attributed hypnosis.
Many had to see hypnosis. Briefly recall their essence. One man under the influence of words and other impacts - hypnotist - passes in exceptional condition. On the one hand, as if he is sleeping, for not versed in the surrounding. On the other hand, however, he does not sleep, for the word of the hypnotist hears and executes instructions. There are three features of differing hypnosis from normal sleep.
First, is the connection with the hypnotist, denoted by the French word "rapport". In a deep hypnotic state, a person may not shudder even from the shot above the ear, and every even said in a whisper the word of the hypnotist will always hear and what the hypnotist said, will perform.
Secondly, here is the condition of muscles. In ordinary sleep they relaxed, we have raised the hand sleeping virus software can do nothing falls on a blanket. A hypnotized person can walk, to perform different actions, the muscles of his active. In the same deep stage hypnosis is celebrated quite unusual phenomenon muscles as if derevenets, and man is converted as if in the Bulletin Board. The hypnotist can put his head on the back of a chair, with my heels on the back of the other, and such a live bridge of the" long hanging not caving in. Moreover, the hypnotist rises on it, and the bridge is also does not bend. Especially effective is this traditional experience, if the hypnotist is a powerful man, and the bridge is a fragile girl. It is necessary to underline that no focus here no, metal rods for insurance under the clothes are not laid, it is true hardening of muscles.
Third, a characteristic feature of hypnosis is the ability suggestions. The hypnotist says "You are in the garden." On the face of the man - the smile of pleasure, he leans over, sniffing chairs and benches, and it seems that it is the fragrant flowers. The hypnotist says: "the flood Begins, save yourself!" On the face of the man is scared, he rises to the chair, sees looming water. Perhaps poslegarantijnoe suggestion. The hypnotist says: "Now I'll Wake you. Will come to its place. Head ache will not, feel good to be. Will be back again to watch my experiences. When the loudspeaker on the post will give us the precise time signals - 21 hours, you turn to your neighbor to the right and... will blow in her ear. The viewer returns to its place, continues to look experiments, communicates with others. All forget that he also participated in the experiments. Suddenly - time signals. Man turns into neighbouring ladies and blowing her ear. She recoils, he comes to himself, apologizing, saying that he does not understand why he wanted to fool around, the more he will not. Of course, if he was impressed that he must hit her with a knife, he could not do that, but persistent thought about it would have appeared, and he was surprised to where it came from. Finally, it is possible suggestion in hypnosis to cause such physiological reactions that people have arbitrarily to reproduce itself. An example is known experience with the so-called imaginary burn. The hypnotist missing a hand mesmerized: "Burn your hand on a hot iron!" At the same time he touches the skin with a simple patch. The man screams, draws back his hand. This is not surprising: he suggested that relate to hot objects. The most surprising thing is that in a few minutes on a place of imaginary burn develops redness, and it can reach a blister, burn the 2-nd degree.
Perhaps more than anything fundamentally interesting hypnotist and will not show, but it is quite what we remember. If you don't know what it is, and if you be certain that this is not the focus, it is to believe in miracle.