Barrel Of Mesmera

France MesmerIn an atmosphere of these heated debate worked France Mesmer. He saw that the body has an animal electricity - is so poor that no scientific instruments not able to capture and the living organism reacts. And suddenly Mesmer came upon the idea: if there is an animal electricity, why not to be and animal magnetism? Maybe thought Mesmer, my hands are emitters such magnetism. He is very weak, a compass does not flicker any instruments that magnetism is not caught, and the body feels sick. Because the sick and heal passes.
Of course, it was only a hypothesis. It had to check. Mesmer found a way to prove their ideas. He took the iron barrel, filled it with iron objects and when they came patients treated their passes a barrel. He argued that if there is animal magnetism, even the weakest, iron obliged him to accept, and then transfer to the sick. Patients sat around the barrel, and Mesmer immediately rejoiced. Fell asleep patients no worse than sleeping on the eve under his passes.
Convinced he is right, Mesmer further began treating only with the help of the barrel. In this way he is speaking in our modern language, has enhanced the performance of their medical work. Before each patient had to work for an hour, and now once more healthy the whole group of patients. Accordingly increased and fees. Moved Mesmer in Paris, there is also treated with barrels. Was very popular.
Died doctor-magician Frans Mesmer. His case became continue students. One of them, a French physician Comte de Puysegur, thought, and am a teacher, because he was involved in the control experiment. In fact, if checked, say, new sedative, not enough to give it more of patients and ensure that they quickly fall asleep. It is necessary to ensure that a rapid onset of sleep not accidentally coincided with the summer house of sleeping pills and was not the result of auto-suggestion. So use what is called a substitute, or a placebo. One day give true sleeping pills, another day in placebo in exactly the same way that not only the patient, but even the nurse, give medication, did not know what lies behind the labelling of preparations № 1 and № 2. In the experiments of mesmera placebo control was not. Puysegur introduced such control. He took a wooden barrel, painted it in the same color, which was painted iron, filled barrel wooden items and on the morrow, when they came patients, "he nemagnetic" wooden barrel, which explicitly to magnetize nothing. Patients sat around the barrels and peacefully fell asleep in the same way that slept on the eve around the iron barrels. It became clear that no animal magnetism in these experiments have been identified, there is a simple inspiring action words and the individual doctor. On the proposal of the English surgeon brad, who used hypnosis for pain with the removal of teeth, began to speak not about magnetism, and about hypnosis (from the Greek. hypnos - sleep).