Can hypnosis to stop the heart?

With hypnosis during the second half of the last century was caused many kinds of charlatans and deceptions. The victims were sometimes outstanding doctors. For example, lived in Paris of the famous Professor sharko. At the baths are still provided and power shower - so powerful that it could knock down. Charcot used it to bring in the feeling of patients hysteria with which he pulled no punches. In my practice, sharko used hypnosis, and once caught him a patient whose he could in a state of hypnosis to call induced cardiac arrest. Controlling the pulse on a radial artery, Charcot he says, "the Heart, stop!" - and heartbeat stop. When the team: "Heart-to-run!" again starts the pulse. Charcot showed the patient on medical societies - everyone was amazed with the power of hypnosis! However has got a meticulous therapist who wanted to listen to the very heart, to determine how it stops immediately or after a few calming down abbreviations. On pulse to establish it was not possible with sufficient clarity. The therapist put a tube to the chest of the patient, sharko stood, as always, on the pulse control. The command was given, "the Heart, stop!" Pulse has stopped, and my heart beat in the tube therapist, as if nothing had happened. It turned out sick, which I wanted to stay longer a patient famous Charcot and in some way to attract his attention to his person, went to trick. She held under his arm a small wooden ball and, when the Professor commanded: "Heart, stop!" - quickly pressed the ball to the body. Was reencoded axillary artery - stopped pulsating beam, which is its continuation.