Infinite whether the power of the hypnotist?

It would be wrong to think that the capabilities and the power of the hypnotist does not have borders. They are limited in the three levels.
First, a person cannot be forced to do in hypnosis that is contrary to his interests and desires. For example, investigators repeatedly tried, Sagintayeva the offender, to achieve recognition. While hypnotized asked, as he sang in 3 years and as written in 7 years, everything was fine. A full set of fingerprints and programs former is stored on the bottom of the pantry, and in hypnosis any trace can be extracted. When asked how robbed or killed, people either quiet or immediately comes out of the state of hypnosis. So while going fun - please, and as soon as it comes to a "core", the power of hypnosis ends.
Secondly, poslegarantijnoe suggestion doesn't last forever. For example, treat alcoholics. He told that at the sight, the smell of alcohol distasteful to him, sick, disgusted. Offered in three days to return for a second session. Fix a success, then meet through 5, 7, 10 days, and so on, but If after three days, the patient will not come, then another couple of days it will be really sick, and in a week the bottle again become a friend.
Thirdly, science is not known a single case of a purely mental suggestion in hypnosis. In a word, gesture, expression of eyes hypnotist must make it clear what he wants. Point guard in the brain hypnotized can be phenomenally receptive and sensitive, even more than in the waking state. Thanks to the patterns of mutual induction nerve centers, braking surrounding regions of the brain increases anxiety watchdog paragraph so that it is susceptible to the most insignificant signals emanating from the hypnotist. However, some real signals must be"
Do we need a hypnotist black eyes?
Dive into a state of hypnosis also has nothing supernatural. Hypnotists do not have some special properties. It is ordinary people who have a good knowledge of their craft. Required mainly acting skills and a lot of patience. Actor, artistic abilities needed in order to make the people confidence in their actions even when you yourself are not very sure. Patience is also necessary because it is not always possible to quickly obtain the desired result.
No matter how capable and experienced hypnotist, the success of hypnotizable, maybe 95 % depends not from him but from him who is the object of influence. The so-called hypnotisiert different people is not the same. Basically it is determined by two things: the desire to be drugged and the tendency of the brain to the partial braking, to stratification on sleeping and waking zone.
Sometimes they say that to put down against the will of the impossible. Here it is necessary to argue. It happens: you came to the theatre after a tiring work day, you came not to sleep it can be done at home for free, so you don't want to sleep on the show. The actor also, of course, does not desire it. Sometimes, however, despite your with actor mutual desire to avoid this situation, you still immersed in the NAP and have nothing to do with herself. It is clear that if you do not want to immerse yourself in a dream, and the actor - hypnotist - wants it, the situation is more favorable for soothing, and you fall asleep against his will. Of course, maybe the hypnotist will have to suffer with you more than one hour, he barely stand on my feet from fatigue, but to achieve his.
At pop hypnosis is not necessary, of course, to observe long fights. There need to be put to sleep quickly. So the ultimate aim is not to put down a certain, certain person. The hypnotist selects those easily immersed in partial sleep. The selection is made the following way.
The hypnotist says: "Comrades! Now we will hold a session of hypnosis. Wishing to participate in the session tat fingers "at the castle". Immediately are selected. Sitting, say, 200 people. Half of them want to participate in the session, these people twine your fingers. The others want to stay away and laugh at neighbors. They not only brought together by hand, but on the contrary, further divert them from each other so that, God forbid, themselves accidentally locked. Now, the selection is made. The hypnotist continues: "I'll count to twenty. When I call the number twenty, your fingers will not open. One, two, three... you familiar warmth inside, hands and feet start to heavier. Four, five, six... the Feeling of warmth spreads through the body, covers you a pleasant luxury, languor, 't want to move. All sounds are gone, you can hear only my voice. Seven, eight..." and so on, Finally: "Twenty, your fingers will not open!" Ninety-five people throw your arms and a sigh of relief, and five want to do it, but I can't. Their hypnotist invite on stage and shows with them their experiences. In the audience of 200 people always find five people who easily plunged into hypnosis. When the audience is small, to work to the hypnotist is more difficult - and the choice is small, and the impact of the situation is less impressive, but it is also of great importance.
In the procedure of hypnotizable intertwined two methods that can be called hibernation and usersivalue. On the one hand, the hypnotist evokes associated with sleep, feeling of heat, heaviness in the whole body, the severity of age, etc. on the other hand, he masterfully insists that people felt what you want. In different cases, different hypnotists these two steps have different specific gravity. There is a delicate hypnotists, clean ebautiufl and there hypnotists-nachala. Will fly such a hypnotist, holler, "I'm a hypnotist, possess the property..." and Then you can fright at once numb, as required.
Sometimes people say that the hypnotist must be black eyes. They, of course, no value, but if the person euthanized, believes it is in black eyes, with this object a black-eyed hypnotist to work easier.