That can be treated with hypnosis?

Amused hypnosis at home is not worth it. It is not normal. The stratification braking, the tendency to partial inhibition, which trained at the sessions of hypnosis, related to the mechanisms of the so-called symptoms drop in severe hysteria, when subtracted arms, leg. In the old days, such cases were many. Every religious holiday gathered from the surrounding, and even from distant places, "the pilgrims turn". Someone brought in who had crawled himself. Among people who suffered from paralysis, was caught and the sick with the palsy hysterical nature. Doctors, not owned by the method of hypnosis and suggestion, could do nothing with such patients can do about it. When the patient was close to the wonderworking icon, was applied to it, then the Holy old man put his hand on his forehead and read the prayer, a miracle happened: people threw away the crutches and rose to his feet. Advertising was all over Russia. It was true healing from hysterical paralysis. Of course, after a few days could happen a new paralysis, for starred only a symptom, and the disease remained. Other patients who shrines did not help, complaints, naturally, did not write. Neisclucheno believed that they, apparently, too sinful and therefore have not received God's grace (after all the sins of every person, and only God decides to forgive them).
Today we do not have such severe cases of hysteria. They are gone. It happens that students of the medical Institute, studying nerve disease, there is no possibility to show the same patient. We have to explain and teach only from books.
If we start messing with hypnosis - once the fair Gypsies hypnotized a crowd - may reappear severe cases of hysteria. 'll not touch these brain mechanisms, doing household fun with hypnosis. In medical establishments hypnosis is used in the treatment of neuroses, first of all, stuttering, bedwetting; it is also useful when drug abuse, in some forms of sexual pathology, etc. In the hands of the doctor, it is one of the useful therapeutic agents.