The experiences of the transmission of thought at a distance

Sometimes, speaking about hypnosis, and mention other phenomenon, often show with music. We are talking about the so-called experiments "transmission of thoughts". This phenomenon has nothing to do with hypnosis, but since they often make the next due equally exceptional singularity, we consider briefly and this phenomenon. Between him and hypnosis there is only one significant thing in common - we suggest the presence of transmission of thoughts from the brain to the brain, but in reality neither there, nor there to detect it is not possible.
What are the experiences? Absolutely brilliant they were ushered on stage two masters - Michael Cooney and wolf messing. Second enjoyed more popularity, because he was the better supplied advertising. I think, however, that M. Kuni conducted these experiments beautiful calm, elegant, without neurotic voltage.
Of the public are invited several people in the jury whose duty is to ensure that there are no pitfalls. Then wishing offer to take part in the experiments. Participant writes the job of the artist, sealed it in an envelope, and passes them to the jury. The actor takes conceived by the hand, asks him all the time to think about his job and mentally to order it to do, goes together with diced into the hall and takes everything. The same job is often difficult and, most importantly, meaningless. For example, you need to approach the woman sitting in the 5th row on the 8th place, to extract from her handbag purse from him to pull English pin by pin to approach the man sitting in the 20th row on the 27-th place, look at his left inner pocket Union card and the point of a pin to pierce the second digit of the ticket is "3". Artist quickly and clearly performs all, as if in advance was acquainted with the job. The jury open the envelope and read out loud the job all the same to the subtleties - are dealt well-deserved applause.
The key to the box - ideomotor act
The explanation of these very interesting experiments easy. Already from the mandatory conditions that put the artists, it becomes clear that the true reading thoughts here. Two main conditions:
- it is only necessary to conceive something; to guess the word or phrase artist is not taken (immediately raises the question - after all, the idea can be expressed in short, why should the action, if we are talking about thought?);
- it is necessary to hold hands, and who have in my mind to help the artist; if he will try to hide that which he had thought, the experience will not succeed.
In the basis of the considered experiments is the so-called ideomotor act. It turns out that at the thought, the idea about some kind of movement, motor act, we, without knowing it, unnoticed by him committed, at least in most insignificant degree. Hang on a thread some metal object, such as a key, and while holding the upper end of the thread in hand, force mentally key to rotate clockwise. If you have the patience for a few minutes, the key will start to rotate. You can stop it is also mentally, then be made to rotate in the opposite direction, etc.
The situation is similar in the case of experiments in question. Artist and author jobs go hand in hand. When they reach the desired number, hand wanted a little startled as he strenuously repeats mental order: "here, Here." We are not talking of course, about the number of number of number of place. No, only what is here or not here, this man or not this person. Through trial and error artist very quickly gets to the end, and as the job goes near the artist man, especially if he was first involved in this experience, all the more admires the achievements of the artist and helps him all the more energetic. One actor was told that there was a case when the last action (had to be punctured by a needle document - because in our case, it appears this example) who had just himself, powerfully moving in the right direction hand of the artist.
Unlike hypnosis, these experiments can be performed at home. They are very entertaining, it remains only to wish the readers of success in their development.
By the way, ideomotor act is the basis of the experiences of tolowercase and other spiritual experiments. About it at the end of last century convincingly told the special Commission headed by D. I. Mendeleyev, which invited to deal with this case. A seance received excessive distribution among the Russian intelligentsia. Remember the play L. N. Tolstoy's "the Fruits of enlightenment". Interestingly, one of the leaders of spiritualism in Russia was a colleague of Mendeleev, the largest chemist A. M. Butlerov.
So, no hypnosis, no experiments "transmission of thoughts" not prove the existence of such transfer. Maybe there are other cases where thoughts from the brain to the brain still passed?