Hypoplasia of the kidneys

Hypoplasia of the kidney: kidney is fine, by histological structure does not differ from the normal kidney, except for a few larger development of interstitial tissue. The anomaly is small kidney - within 2-5 cm, often also in the embryonic delicately her. The pelvis and cups correspondingly small, sometimes one or two cups missing.
Found this anomaly is rare. Functional value giperplazirovannah kidney void.
By itself hypoplasia kidney does not show itself. A complication of this anomaly (and several others renal pathological processes) may be essential hypertension.
Giperplazirovannah kidney recognized on the basis pielografii (Fig. 56). Diseases of it, requiring surgery, kidney is removed. If there giperplazirovannah kidney destruction of the second kidney unacceptable.

pyelogram with hypoplastic left kidney
Fig. 56. Pyelogram with hypoplastic left kidney.