Antihypertensive drugs - substances that reduce blood pressure. As antihypertensives may be used medicinal substances belonging to different groups: ganglioblokirute funds (benzogeksony, pentamin, dimebolin, pillen); sympatholytic funds (reserpine, oktadin, ornid, α-methyl-Dov); adrenolytic funds (digidroergotoksina, fentolamin); myotropic vasodilator (papaverine, aminophylline, Dibazol, magnesium sulfate); substances that affect water-salt metabolism (dihlotiazid).
To reduce high blood pressure are important substances that inhibit vasoconstrictor effect coming from the Central nervous system sympathetic (adrenergic) nerves. Gipotenzivny effect may occur when assigning meprotan, Librium, phenobarbital and other sedatives (see). Much more powerful antihypertensive effect have ganglioblokirtee and sympatholytic funds. Ganglioblokirute funds (see) have hypotensive effect, slowing the transmission of impulses in the sympathetic ganglia. This will disturb the transmission of impulses and parasympathetic ganglia, which introduces a number of side effects. Selective action only the sympathetic innervation can be achieved with the help of sympatholytic funds (see), the point of application actions which are adrenergic nerve endings. In hypertensive effect sympatholytic funds rezerpina, perhaps plays a role and influence on the Central nervous system.
The effect adrenolytic funds (see) appears mainly in the case of an increase in blood pressure in feohromotsytome (see).
Vasodilator (see), acting directly on vascular smooth muscles, usually have little effect on blood pressure. Typically, they are used to treat spasms of vessels of the head, heart, kidney, complicating the course of hypertension. Dibazol and magnesium sulfate effective in hypertensive crises. Gipotenzivny effect dihlotiazida (gipotiazid)relating to the substances that affect water-salt metabolism, is explained not only by increased excretion of salt and water from the body. Dihlotiazid reduces the intracellular content of sodium ions in the smooth muscle fibers arterioles, which reduces the reactivity of the vessels and their tone.
Antihypertensives applied mainly for the treatment of hypertension (usually combine agents with different mechanisms of action), and to lower blood pressure in symptomatic hypertension (for example, in feohromotsytome).
Separate antihypertensives - see articles on the names of products (for example, Benzogeksony, Reserpine, Aminophylline and others).