Gissa environment

Gissa environment ("variegated range") - differential diagnostic environment used to identify charolettekirme activity of bacteria. In distilled water dissolve 1% peptone and 0.5% sodium chloride. Then add 1% of the indicator Andrade or 0.1% alcohol solution bromtimol blue and heated to a temperature of 80 degrees; then brought pH 7.2 (at room temperature). After that the mixture boil for 5 minutes, filter and add water to the original volume. Adding 0.5-1% one of carbohydrates, environment poured into test tubes with floats. In the manufacture of semi-liquids gissa should add 1% carbohydrates and 0.4% of the agar. Environment sterilized within 3 days fluid the ferry and 30 minutes drive or 15 minutes at 0.5 ATM. Wednesday gissa produce semi indicator BP (mixture of water blue and resolveu acid). Environment gissa use, in particular for the identification of enterobacteria. Cm. also Differential diagnostic environment.