The fundus of the eye

The fundus of the eye is visible when ophthalmoscopy part of the inner surface of the eyeball [optic disk, net and the choroid (Fig.)]

the fundus of the eye
Fig. 1. Normal eye bottom: 1 - optic disc; 2 - yellow spot; 3 - branches of the Central artery of a retina; 4 - branch Central veins retina.
Fig. 2. Normal eye when ophthalmoscopy in beskrajnim light.

The optic disc on a red background of the ocular fundus is allocated round shape, clear boundaries and pale pink. In the center of the disk visible to the Central artery of a retina and Central retinal vein, which are divided into the upper and lower branches and then dividing by the temporal and nasal branches and smaller branches that spread around the eye bottom. Artery bright red and thin, Vienna darker, thicker and izveletie arteries. In the posterior pole of the eye is the so-called the macula of the retina, which has an oval shape and darker color.
Pathological changes in the fundus can occur in some diseases of the eye, and also at illnesses of the Central nervous system, cardiovascular system, diseases of blood system, metabolic disorders. Cm. also Ophthalmoscopy.