Phenolchemie method of thermal treatment with the use of clay. To ensure clay use bold and plastic varieties of clay. The clay dried and cleaned of impurities, sifting through a sieve with holes in 2-3 mm; get mixed up with hot water until a uniform thick plastic mass for applications and vaginal swabs. You can fill the dry clay 10% solution of sodium chloride, in 10-12 hours to drain and clay heat in a water bath.
Applications spend a day or two days with a break on the third day, the temperature clay 40-46 degrees, the procedure duration is 20-30 minutes; in the course of 12 -15 procedures. Phenolchemie (treatment with clay) used for chronic inflammatory and degenerative-dystrophic processes in the locomotor apparatus, peripheral nervous system, chronic inflammatory processes in the small pelvis and other Phenolchemie is but a doctor under the supervision of nurses. The mechanism of action of the clay treatment, contra-indications and methods of application are the same as for mud therapy (see).